Please inform the live support line before paying . Don't forget to specify your postal address so that your theme can reach you faster

Overseas Payments

Western union

It is a very useful money transfer system for overseas payments with the most frequent instant money transfer sending feature Get the personal name and country name of the theme author and get in touch

Forward your information

The name of the sender and the country from which he / she will send money and the amount to be sent to the theme author.
The theme author must be aware of this in order to receive payment from the western union branch.

Transfer / EFT

You can transfer to our existing bank accounts in our country. You will need the swift code to transfer from foreign banks to foreign banks . The payment page has a quick code for your bank account. You can transfer money using a password. Your payment will be processed in our account within 3 business days . Once you have completed your payment, please send your receipt to our email address.