WordPress sites can be maintained at any time according to your decision, which operates according to your site’s traffic. WordPress sites can be switched to maintenance at any time according to your decision based on your site traffic . Don’t forget to take a backup of your site with certainty . Otherwise it will help you to come back Plugins ; Wp Optimize WP Broken Link Status Checker WP Super Cache 1. Tracking of Page Load Times We can offer a much better experience for your visitors by reducing the […]

WordPress Security

WordPress is an open source GPL licensed admin panel. WordPress open source codes can be turned off . Back up your site with certainty before making security settings. It will be easy to return to the previous setting. Necessary steps announced .   WordPress Security Plugins BulletProof Security Sucuri Security Turn off access to the WordPress Admin Section . By using the following code, you can only allow access to the WordPress admin section from certain IPs. AuthUserFile /dev/null AuthGroupFile /dev/null AuthName “WordPress Admin Access Control” AuthType Basic <LIMIT GET> […]